A Delicious Twist on Fundraising: Cinnamon Spread and More

February 05, 2024

A Delicious Twist on Fundraising: Cinnamon Spread and More

Fundraising for a good cause can bring any and every crowd in, but having the products to raise the money is important, too. The people at Mom’s Pantry understand this. For almost 40 years, we have been helping thousands of organizations and groups in Canada raise money for causes important to them. Our all-in-one system gives you all of the things you need directly from us so that you are ready to go when needed. Take a look below, where we go into detail about just a few of our product categories, including cinnamon spread and popcorn seasonings. Read on to find out more!


Garlic spread and cinnamon spread are very different but offer the same thing: delicious comfort with ease. These ready-to-use products are perfect for toast, bagels, sandwiches and more to sweeten up your day. Over 400 grams of their spread of choice comes in a single container. Choose between garlic or cinnamon spread, or take advantage of the combo deal and snag both 400g containers.

Soup Bases and Dried Legumes

Traditional and popular soup bases in Canada, like chicken soup and beef soup, along with beef and chicken gravy bases, go the extra mile in making your fundraiser appealing to everyone. No MSG options are available! We also stock dried pearl barley, vegetable flakes, and a bean and lentil soup mix for a total build-your-soup option at your fundraiser.

Popcorn Seasonings

Popcorn seasonings are a great way to elevate any bowl of popcorn to a new experience. Mom’s Pantry gives you and your customers the option of adding white cheddar, salt and vinegar, ranch, double dill, kettle corn, super ketchup, and butter salt to your popcorn—there are all different and delicious flavours to choose from.

Rubs and Marinades

From Magic “BBQ” Spice to Sweet Mango Heat, Turkey Rub to Kansas City Rib Rub, the options your patrons have are endless for their next dinner. This product is easy for anyone to use: rub the seasoning directly on the meat of choice, straight out of the bag. Or, they can add a little olive oil and lemon juice to secure the best-tasting marinade ever!

More Than Just Products

More than just cookies and muffins, Mom’s Pantry products include cinnamon spread, popcorn seasonings, and so much more. Mom’s Pantry can help any organization in Canada manage a fundraiser as smoothly and easily as possible while offering amazing and diverse products. You can earn up to 40% commission on products you sell, making your fundraising target easier to hit. The Mom’s Pantry fundraising package comes with marketing materials, order forms, and everything else you need to accomplish your goals. We have over 200 tasty products for you to sell so that you can find the right products for your audience.

Book Your Fundraiser with Canada’s Fundraising Specialists

Sports teams, church groups, non-profit community groups, and thousands of other groups have used our program at Mom’s Pantry to achieve the goals of their fundraiser. For a fundraiser in Canada where you can focus on the purpose and not the preparation, contact Mom’s Pantry today to start your fundraiser.