Learn more about our "Greener Initiative" bonus commission program!


For a limited time, we are offering a bonus commission for groups that choose to run an "online only" fundraiser. There are endless benefits to running your fundraiser all online, including ease of use for customers by directing them to our easy-to-use website.

Fundraising coordinators, running your fundraiser all online will remove any need for you to collect paper forms, as well as cash and cheque, simplifying the order closure process, and cutting down on processing time in our office. We will email you all of the necessary documents, making the whole fundraising process as easy as possible for you! 

Not to mention, saying no to paper order forms and catalogues will save not only on paper, but on transportation and postal services as well. If your group takes advantage of our Greener Initiative and decides to fore-go all paper supplies, you will be awarded a bonus commission of 1% of your total sales, so you can feel good doing your part for the environment, while also earning some extra commission for your group! 

To take advantage of this limited time promotion, or for further details, please call our office at (800) 350-6667(MOMS) or email us at info@momspantry.ca.