Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

The main point of tension for fundraising often ends up being the idea of how to raise the required funds effectively. At Mom’s Pantry, we have worked with thousands of groups organizing fundraisers for many different causes, resulting in millions of dollars raised. We have seen our fair share of creative fundraising ideas for sports teams that have worked well. The following are some great ideas for you to use as fundraising ideas for sports teams:


Pizza Pack Sale

Garlic bread, cheese pizza party packs, and pepperoni pizza planks are the three needed ingredients for a supreme kid’s birthday party, sleepover, or fundraiser that will help your kid stay healthy by supporting their local sports team. Help kids to foster lifelong relationships outside of their sports program as well by providing ingredients to make pizza nights with friends a reality. Toss some dough and make everyone happy!


Movie Night Supplies

You can provide all of the fixings they need for a wonderful, fun evening with their kids. Help your parents stock up on dips, popcorn and seasoning, poutine toppings, cheese sauce, and the classics: cookie dough and pizza! Promote good memories and an active lifestyle routine all in one. You’ll provide parents with everything they need to throw their kids a well-deserved movie night with friends or family.


Family Bake Night Sale

What better way to raise money than by encouraging families to spend quality time together? Mom’s Pantry’s products that you can use in your fundraiser include pie crusts, tart shells, butter tart filling mix, and other baking supplies that families need to get baking. Help create happy memories for families to facilitate strong children, mentally and physically.

These fundraising ideas for sports teams can help keep the next generation active. Promoting and getting support for your sports team is essential to keep the programs running, and Mom’s Pantry can help you do that! As Canada’s Fundraising Specialists, Mom’s Pantry’s delicious products can help you earn the funds that you need for your sports team equipment, travel costs, and more. With the chance to receive up to 40% commission on items we provide, your fundraiser can be a breeze!

Over 30 years of experience have helped us to develop the process that we have. We make the process as simple as possible for you so that you can focus on the meaning behind your fundraiser. Contact us to receive our simple and easy 4-step program. Activate your fundraiser now, or request an information kit to get started.