Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Prepping for school renovations, a field trip, a sports team, or new lab equipment? Finding ideas for fundraising for schools can be challenging when you have limited products to sell. Appeal to everyone with Mom’s Pantry’s vast list of products. We can help you earn up to 40% commission on your sales to help you quickly reach your fundraising target.

The easiest way to appeal to teenagers, children, and their guardians is through their stomachs. Teens are constantly growing, and it’s sometimes tough for parents to stay on top of groceries with teens in the house. Fundraising through a food sale is the ultimate way to please guardians and teens alike while supporting your cause. Here are some great fundraising ideas for schools to use:

A Classic Bake Sale

Baked goods are a great way to make some cash for your fundraiser while providing quality treats to your patrons. Our range of frozen baked goods is extensive: find something for everyone here!

Pizza Party Sale

It’s a great idea to have frozen pizza shells stocked and ready to go for when the kids want to have friends over or the parents need a quick and easy dinner. Mom’s Pantry can supply all the frozen pizza goods your parents need.

Frozen Food Fundraiser

Good for when the kids are home alone or when the parents are prepping for the next week of meals, a frozen food sale can give ease of choice with pre-made frozen meals. Frozen dough, pizza, pierogies, chicken strips—what more do you need?

The Kids are Cooking Fundraiser

Encourage the teens to throw on an apron with easy frozen dinner ideas. This might just be the first step in parents teaching their kids how to cook for themselves. They'll learn an essential skill, and it’ll support their school in the process.

Whether you use these fundraising ideas for schools or come up with your own, Mom’s Pantry is Canada’s Fundraising Specialist. For over 30 years, we have worked hard to streamline the fundraising process for facilitators in order to take as much stress as possible off you. Read about our program to see how we’ve created the four simple steps, and let us know if you have any questions. Contact us to activate your fundraiser, or request an information kit to learn more about the advantages of fundraising through Mom’s Pantry.