About Our Fundraising Program

Mom’s Pantry offers food based fundraising programs with over 150 products to choose from. We provide an easy to use system with a great commission structure of up to 40%. Our programs have a wide variety of products that appeal to everyone. We offer everything from raw ingredients and spices for cooking and baking, to prepared frozen food for fast and easy use.

We have a vast distribution network covering coast to coast, and are able to deliver to many small communities outside of major centres. We have been providing fundraising programs to groups across Canada for over 38 years. We are constantly developing new fundraising ideas and continually update our product selection to reflect what families need, be it nut free, gluten free or healthy living choices.

We look forward to helping you reach your fundraising goals.  Please request an infokit today!

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Mom's Pantry offer 3 program options, request your infokit today for complete program details.

1) Classic Fundraising Program: Our most complete fundraising program. With over 200 diverse items, from spices, to cookie dough, to frozen pizza snacks, and poutine, it’s easy to accommodate everyone’s tastes! All of Mom’s Fundraising Programs are always peanut-aware, meaning we no longer stock any products that contain peanuts as an ingredient. We also offer several 100% peanut free selections. We hope that this will help manage risk, and keep families with peanut allergies in your organization safe.

2) Cookie & Muffin Only Program: Looking for a traditional Cookie and Muffin only program? Using one form per seller, this form offers 15 different styles of cookie dough and muffin batter, and also includes our famous garlic spread.

3) Dry-Only Program: Our limited program offering for smaller fundraisers or locations with difficult shipping options. All the frozen products are removed from the order forms, orders are shipped by CanadaPost.