All of The Spices They’ll Ever Need, At Your Fundraiser

January 25, 2024

All of The Spices They’ll Ever Need, At Your Fundraiser

Mom's Pantry allows organizations and groups to host a fundraiser by selling frozen goods, spices, and more through our intuitive and thorough step-by-step process. Our range of products starts at muffins and cinnamon rolls and doesn't stop until you've navigated through our available marinades and gourmet sea salts. Below, we dive into what spice categories you can sell with Mom's Pantry. Take a look below!

The Spices

You could be organizing support for your child's extracurricular endeavours or raising money for cancer research; regardless of the cause you choose, the best and most effective source of funds is a fundraiser where the patrons get something in return immediately for their investment. The classic bake sale can bring in money, but with Mom's Pantry, you can give unique and useful products to add to their pantry that won't go bad quickly. Spices are an excellent option to cater to different needs and audiences. At Mom's Pantry, we offer five different categories of spices:

Each spice gives the potential to create something unique and opens up creative possibilities. With up to 40% commission received, your fundraiser can be a season(ing) to remember.

Traditional Spices

Bay leaves, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, paprika—all of the traditional spices that decorate a spice rack are available to your fundraiser. With these, the convenience of reloading on spices collides with the pleasurable feelings of supporting a noble cause for any of your customers.

Rubs and Marinades

Mom's Pantry offers a variety of spices to match any dinner: spicy, savoury, classic, and more. Perfect for grilling or smoking, these quality spices can bring you closer to your fundraising goal. Take a look at our options for spices that you can sell at your fundraiser, and contact us with any questions you have.

Blends and Seasonings

It's all here: lemon pepper, cajun spice, Montreal steak spice, taco meat, buffalo ranch—anything your customers use is probably stocked at Mom's Pantry. With our variety of spices, blends, and seasonings, you can cater to any audience.

Gourmet Sea Salts

More than just table salt, gourmet sea salts can elevate any dinner to another level. With options extending past Himalayan pink salt and coarse salt, tempt your customers to try lemon dill sea salt or red hot sea salt.

Indian Spices

Choose from 5 classic Indian spices made from high-quality ingredients to help you reach your fundraising goals. Indian spices sold at a fundraiser give customers beneficial and delicious ingredients for their next dinner.

Elevate Their Food and Your Fundraiser All in One

No matter the spice, anyone can bring a dish from plain to perfect with a simple, ready-to-use spice from Mom's Pantry.Whether the customers are ready to replenish the pantry or freezer, try new foods, or buy for the sake of supporting your cause, your fundraiser can include more than baked goods.

Give your next fundraiser a little bit of spice by working with Mom's Pantry. Sign up by going to our website or by giving us a call.