How to Make Your Next Fundraiser a Success

November 24, 2023

How to Make Your Next Fundraiser a Success

Do you have big plans for 2024 and need to fundraise in the new year to make sure your goals come to fruition? Whether you’re raising funds for a sports team, church group, local school, or community initiative, knowing how to maximize your efforts is key.

At Mom’s Pantry, there’s nothing we love more than helping you connect with your community and fundraise with the aid of delicious goodies that everyone loves to enjoy. We also know that the initial steps can feel a little overwhelming, and not everyone knows how to make sure their fundraiser runs as smoothly as possible. With nearly 40 years of experience behind our team, below we’ve compiled a few key pointers to keep in mind when organizing your next charity drive. Read on to learn more!

Diversity is Key

Every fundraiser (and the objective behind them) is different, and one of the biggest mistakes people make when setting up a charity drive is pigeonholing themselves into one revenue stream. Having multiple options makes it easier to meet your goal faster, allows others to get involved with ease, and helps to reduce the chance of lower ROI if you’re fundraising during a particularly busy season when the market may be a tad oversaturated with multiple competing charity drives (think the holidays, for example). Diversifying your fundraising methods allows you to explore various avenues like bottle drives, bake sales, and other innovative types of foods-for-purchases, each of which presents a new opportunity to up your funds. It also widens your base of support as different individuals and entities resonate with different approaches. When one source ebbs, another can flow, ensuring a steady stream of financial support, even in the face of changing economic conditions or unexpected challenges.

Build Strong Donor Relationships

When you fundraise, it’s important to realize that you can’t simply “show up and sell” and expect to succeed. The reality is, that you’ll need to invest in building strong relationships within your donor community, whether you’re crowd-sourcing for a one-off event or planning on repeat fundraisers. Canvas diligently, have clear communications with prospective supporters and know how to tell a compelling story that makes it easy to jump in and donate to your cause. When donors can emotionally connect with the cause and visualize the change they enable, they're more likely to become dedicated contributors who provide ongoing, meaningful financial aid that enables you to reach your goal(s).

Set Clear, Achievable Goals

Without a clear set of goals and metrics to measure success, it’s unlikely that your efforts will be particularly profitable. Goals should include clear, measurable, and time-bound objectives that provide a sense of direction, and motivation, whether it's raising a specific amount within a given timeframe or securing funding for a critical project indefinitely. Your goals will also play a critical role in determining how much stock you need to purchase to be resold.

How Can Mom’s Pantry Help?

Since 1985, Mom’s Pantry has made it easy for Canadians to fundraise effectively, while offering their supporters access to over 200 delectable, high-quality baking and food products that we pack, label, and ship on your behalf. From everyone’s favourite cookies and ready-to-bake treats to more innovative products like spices and super-foods, we have everything you need to make your next fundraiser a success and make it easy supply large groups. Learn more about our program here, or by contacting our team today!