The Perfect Fundraising Idea for Sports Teams

May 09, 2024

The Perfect Fundraising Idea for Sports Teams

Kids on sports teams often live busy lives. As a result, their guardians often also find themselves strained for time. What better way to market to a sports team-loving audience than with convenient frozen goods that taste as good as freshly prepared homemade ones? Mom’s Pantry has a store full of frozen food items ready for tired and stressed parents to put into their freezer, ready for when meal prep just isn’t feasible. If finding fundraising ideas for sports teams isn’t an easy task for you, take a look at how a frozen food fundraiser will fit the bill!

Pre-Made, Delicious Food for Busy Families

Mom’s Pantry prides itself on being Canada’s Fundraising Specialist. We work with suppliers all across Canada to ensure we stock unique and diverse products and classic frozen baked goods made with the highest quality ingredients. When parents are on the run and fuel is on the line, products like our samosas, chicken spring rolls, chicken tenders, and pierogies are just a heated oven away from a five-star meal. For busy kids’ lunches, don’t forget to supply your customers with tons of muffin batter, croissants, dried fruits, and much more through Mom’s Pantry.

Support Active Bodies with Healthy Meals

Frozen foods are an easy sell, but did you know that you can also supply your stressed parents with healthy alternatives? Your fundraiser idea for your sports team can be the catalyst to jumpstart meal prep in active families. Mom’s Pantry offers rubs and marinades that can go with steaks, chicken, salmon and other healthy meats to fuel moving kids. With the option of dip mixes for veggies and superfoods for smoothies, you give parents access to healthy choices. Sell healthy alternatives with dried fruits and more when your sports team fundraiser idea is going through Mom’s Pantry.

Fundraising is Better with Mom’s Pantry

Looking for the perfect fundraising idea for your sports team? Our vast selection of healthy and convenient food provides parents and kids with the food that they need to participate in sports while also financially supporting the team. Through your fundraiser’s efforts, you and your patrons are facilitating healthy kids and nourished families.

Mom’s Pantry has been assisting Canada with fundraising for almost 40 years. From frozen pie crusts and pizza dough to superfoods and popcorn seasoning, there’s something for everyone at your Mom’s Pantry fundraiser. For all of the causes that we’ve worked with, we provide resources such as information kits, promotional materials, and even further ideas on raising money for your sports team.

Kelley Kuzyk from Mackenzie Middle School in Manitoba has been fundraising through Mom’s Pantry for over fifteen years now and is the one and only fundraiser their school partakes in. In her words, “I highly recommend Mom’s Pantry to any schools or community groups that are looking for a profitable, high-quality fundraiser.”

Ready to get started on raising funds with the best fundraising idea for sports teams? Contact us today and we can walk you through activating your fundraiser.