10 Reasons to Fundraise With Us


1. Proven Fundraising Formula - Over the last 38 years we’ve helped thousands of groups raise millions of dollars. When it comes to fundraising, we know what works, and –more importantly– what doesn’t. Our turn-key fundraising system is perfect for any group or school and takes all of the guesswork out of managing a successful fundraising campaign. If you’re looking for the easiest, most profitable, and most proven fundraising program available, then look no further; you’ve found it with Mom’s Pantry.

2. Wholesome Products - Like our name suggests, Mom’s Pantry’s product selection includes everyday foods, baking supplies and spices found in most families’ kitchens – products that families actually want and need. Additionally, we offer many gluten-free and sodium-reduced items so that people for whom these foods are an issue can still participate in your fundraiser. We even include full nutritional labelling on our products and on our website to help families make smart eating decisions.

3. Large Selection - Three decades of fundraising experience has taught us that the secret to fundraising success is to sell something that people can actually use. That’s why Mom’s Pantry offers more than 150 different products ranging from pantry essentials such as baking supplies, spices and seasonings to premium quality prepared items such as pierogies, spring rolls and samosas. Sales are easier because there’s truly something for everyone!

4. Generous Commissions - Another secret to successful fundraising is to maximize your earnings with each sale. Mom’s offers 40% commission on most items, and 20% to 30% on more expensive items, which means that your fundraisers won’t have to sell a lot to make a lot. For example, just $100 in sales (easy to do for most fundraisers) can earn your program up to $40 in profits.

5. Three Program Options - Not all groups have the same needs. Not all groups have the same goals. At Mom’s, we now offer three different programs: Our Classic Fundraising Program containing our entire diverse product line (now always peanut-aware); our Cookie and Muffin program, which can simplify the fundraising process for some groups; and finally, Mom’s Dry-Only Fundraising Program, for smaller fundraisers concerned about order minimums!

6. Easy Ordering - To make things as easy as possible for you we offer two convenient ways for your customers to place their orders. The first is Mom’s famous Blue Order Form which provides a complete list of all of Mom’s products and prices. Your customers simply fill it out and hand it back to your sellers complete with payment. For those who prefer a greener and more direct method, we also offer online ordering and payment. With this method customers get access to our full catalogue, and you receive your full payment without having to deal with cash or cheques.

7. Less Work, fewer hassles - At Mom’s our goal is to make fundraising as simple and hassle free as possible for you. From pre-written fundraising letters and free shipping to pre-sorted orders and detailed reports, Mom’s takes care of the details so that you can focus on what’s most important: the selling, itself. After all, you’re fundraising for a reason and you want the rewards to be worth the effort you and your team put in.

8. Free Assistance & Mom’s Cares Helpline - When you fundraise with Mom’s you’re never alone. Whether this is your first time leading a fundraising project, or you’re a fundraising veteran, Mom’s is here to support you every step of the way. Should you encounter an unforeseen hurdle during your campaign, or just need help answering a quick question, simply call our Mom’s Cares Helpline, or drop us an email for the assistance you need. If you do, you’ll quickly discover that the real secret behind Mom’s Pantry is our friendly, helpful people who truly care. 1-800-350-6667 or info@momspantry.ca

9. 100% Money Back Guarantee - When you sell Mom’s Pantry products you can do so with confidence. Not only do we work hard to source nothing but quality products made with quality ingredients, we then back every one of our products with Mom’s famous 100% Money Back Guarantee. If any of your customers ever have an issue with any of our products, simply let us know and we’ll cheerfully replace the product or refund the purchase price in full.

10. We Give Back - Mom’s Pantry has been helping schools and groups with fundraising for years, and believes strongly in its role as a community support partner. That’s why over the years we’ve sponsored, or supported through donations, numerous organizations and programs across Canada. It’s our way of giving back to the communities that have helped make Mom’s Pantry what it is today – Canada’s most trusted fundraising partner.