Fundraising Ideas for Kids & Daycare

Daycare fundraising helps to offset the budget challenges faced by daycare operators. At Mom’s Pantry we understand these budget constraints, which is why we provide such an attractive fundraising commission structure, so you are able to provide the daycare programs and environment you want for the children you care for.

Daycare fundraising ideas can be a challenge for the operator to develop on their own. We respect the day-to-day challenges you already face in creating engaging and educational programs for the children in your care, as well as the minute-to-minute challenges you face in ensuring the safety of your kids. This is why we here at Mom’s Pantry have taken the time to develop easy to execute daycare fundraiser programs that provide your daycare strong earning potential, while at the same time, take into consideration the nutritional & allergy concerns of the parents you work with. We provide a selection of peanut free and gluten free products for families to choose from within our menu of daycare fundraising items, included among the products that over the years have become staples in the cupboards and freezers of families across Canada.

Call us today to learn more about our school fundraiser programs or get started by downloading our “Information Kit” and beginning the process online.