Assorted Green Tea Variety Pack (64 tea bags)

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This delightful assortment includes a variety of 64 traditional and delicately flavoured green teas to enjoy yourself or share with friends.

8 x green tea                  8 x earl grey green tea  8 x decaffeinated green tea

8 x green tea w/lemon    8 x green tea w/mint     8 x constant comment

8 x green tea w/mango   8 x green tea w/peach

Ingredients: Green Tea - green tea.  Earl Grey Green Tea - green tea, natural oil of bergamot.  Decaffeinated Green Tea - decaffeinated organic green tea. Green Tea with Lemon - green tea, lemon peel, natural flavour (soy lecithin).  Green Tea with Mint - green tea, mint leaves.  Constant Comment - Black tea, rind of oranges, sweet spice, natural flavour. Green Tea with Mango - Green tea, rose hips, chamomile, hibiscus, lemon peel, natural mango flavour with other natural flavour (soy lecithin).  Green Tea with Peach - Green tea, natural peach flavour (soy lecithin), peach granules.   

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