5 Foods You Knead for Your Frozen Food Fundraiser

April 29, 2024

5 Foods You Knead for Your Frozen Food Fundraiser

For 38 years, Mom’s Pantry has been providing food and promotional materials needed to groups in Winnipeg who are looking to raise money for their cause. Deciding what kinds of frozen and baked goods are best for your audience can be a time-consuming process. Executing a successful fundraiser might look like offering unique items for customers to try—but not always. When your audience has a sweet tooth or young kids, providing access to frozen foods like tart shells they would otherwise buy in a store gives them the opportunity to support a good cause and get the freezer items they need. Below, we list the top 5 frozen foods that fundraisers in Winnipeg sell like crazy. Check it out!

Cinnamon Rolls

Mom’s Pantry is famous for our Cinnamon Rolls. Easy to make at home, our cinnamon rolls are delicious and take minimal preparation. We provide the option of adding our traditional glaze to the top of the buns for a more decadent treat. Detailed instructions are on our website.


Buttery, flaky, pre-made croissants are what every family needs more of in their freezer. Mom’s Pantry’s croissants are an easy way to make snacks for the kids, with the kids. Let thaw for 30 minutes and put in the oven for 20-25 minutes. Then you’re ready to go!

Tart Shells

Tart shells at frozen food fundraisers offer a blank canvas for people to imagine their next baking adventure without finicky crust preparation. Coming in both mini tart shells and regular tart shells, you can provide unfilled shells and endless opportunities to tart shell-loving customers, or they can snag the butter tart filling mix for an easy dessert.

Pie Crusts

Mom’s Pantry frozen food fundraisers can capitalize on selling our perfect pie shells and lids so that your customers can skip to the good part when making pies while also giving money to a cause they believe in supporting. When Winnipeg is ready for pie season, Mom’s Pantry will already have their freezers stocked and ready.

Cookie Dough

Whatever cookie dough your customers want, Mom’s Pantry can give! Your frozen food fundraiser can be the place where parents, teens, university students and busy corporate folks alike get their fix of their choice of cookie dough. White chocolate macadamia nut to chocolate chunk, rainbow chocolate to honey oatmeal raisin: Mom’s Pantry cookie dough selection has it all.

BONUS: Muffin Batter

Have you ever tried our muffin batter? Heavenly lemon poppyseed, rich blueberry passion, and sweet California carrot muffin batters are all at your disposal. Who doesn’t love a good muffin batter sitting in their freezer for the security of delicious food in a busy season?

Winnipeg’s Best Frozen Food Fundraisers Start at Mom’s Pantry

Get the most out of your fundraising efforts with a local business supporting you. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Mom’s Pantry helps fundraisers in more than just providing enticing food. Ask us about our promotional package, or let us know any questions you have before starting your fundraiser with us.