Key Things to Consider When Using Frozen Food in Your Fundraiser

December 04, 2023

Key Things to Consider When Using Frozen Food in Your Fundraiser

Fundraisers are an essential part of many school communities, sports teams, church groups and various other groups across Canada. Knowing how to make the most of your charitable efforts is a key part of ensuring you’re able to achieve as much as possible, without having to over-exhaust your budget. In particular, knowing how to properly structure your fundraiser around the product you intend to sell is crucial for a happy customer base and strong ROI that leaves everyone pleased and ready to give more in the future.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the ins and outs to keep in mind when offering frozen products for sale for your fundraiser. Read on to learn more!

Why Choose Frozen Foods?

There’s no shortage of products you can sell as a part of your fundraiser (and in fact, having a diverse selection of frozen and dried goods is a strong strategy), but frozen foods can be particularly enticing for buyers thanks to their convenience and deliciousness. Frozen cookie dough and muffin batter are tried and true favourites that make it easy for buyers to create their own goodies at home. More hearty options like perogies, frozen chicken fingers, and appetizers are great for families on the go that need quick options between errands and school events. In short, frozen foods offer plenty of versatility and convenience, both of which make them an appealing option for fundraisers!

Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Product Selection and Quality

Product selection is key to any fundraiser, and when choosing your frozen options, you’ll want to consider what items have the broadest appeal to your audience. Busy student families may need on-the-go options, as mentioned above, and community members often love the convenience of a ready-made dessert. No matter what you choose, it’s just as important to focus on the quality of your product. Word of mouth is key for fundraisers, and the last thing you need is word going around about subpar taste!

Did you know? Our products use high-quality ingredients to ensure everything tastes as fresh and delicious as possible!

Supplier Reliability

A trustworthy and dependable supplier is a must for a successful frozen food fundraiser. Research and partner with a supplier that has a solid track record of delivering orders on time, with minimal product issues. Late deliveries or products that arrive thawed can lead to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately end up costing you significantly due to refunds etc. Make sure your supplier has support options available in the case of any unexpected delays, and that communication is clear for all parties involved.

Storage and Handling

If you plan on having items shipped to you for distribution, ensure that you have proper cold storage solutions, and ensure that your buyers know how to safely store their items once they arrive home. A well-organized approach to storage and handling ensures that your customers receive top-notch frozen food products, and that means that everyone needs to be prepared to ensure that items are kept at food safe temperatures prior to preparation and consumption!

Pricing and Profit Margins

Finally, though this is key to any product based fundraiser, you’ll want to ensure you strike a healthy balance when it comes to your pricing strategy. Consider the cost of the products, any upfront expenses, and your desired fundraising goal when determining your pricing and adjust accordingly. Bundling products into packages or offering discounts for bulk purchases can encourage larger orders, boosting your overall profits, but for sake of convenience, it’s often best to have the option for single orders where possible as well to appeal to the broadest audience possible.

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