The Beginner’s Guide to Planning Successful School Fundraisers

December 04, 2023

The Beginner’s Guide to Planning Successful School Fundraisers

If you run an extracurricular club or core group within your school, having the ability to fundraise is essential to making sure you have access to important resources and opportunities for students. While it can take some effort to get your first fundraising effort off the ground, knowing how to navigate the various components involved is key when it comes to avoiding frustrating hiccups and ensuring success.

At Mom’s Pantry, we’re proud to support schools looking to fundraise for their activities and know just how much work goes into every successful goal being reached. Below, we’ll take a brief look at four key aspects that play a big role in setting up your first, or next, fundraiser. Read on to learn more!

Setting Goals

Before you fundraise, it’s crucial to take some time to establish clear, definable goals that will help guide your efforts. Your goal should be specific, measurable, and tied to a particular need within the school. To define your objective, consider the exact amount you need to raise, how funds will be utilized, and whether your target is for a specific, one-time event (a school trip, for example), or a rolling fund meant to contribute to ongoing activities. Start by assessing your school's financial needs and identifying the gaps that need to be filled, and collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents to ensure that your fundraising goals align with the school's overall objectives. Starting with a well-defined goal creates a sense of purpose and urgency, making it easier to convey to potential supporters why their contributions matter.

Determine Your Target Audience

Once you know your main objective, the next step is to identify your target audience and donor base so you can tailor your fundraiser accordingly. The success of any charity drive depends largely on how well you understand the demographics and interests of the people you'll be approaching for donations.

Identifying your target audience or donor base is the second key consideration in planning a school fundraiser. Your success largely depends on how well you understand the demographics and interests of the people you'll be approaching for donations.

Consider the following audiences while planning:


Parents are often the primary target audience for school fundraisers and are typically happy to support efforts that benefit the well-being of their children. Engage them in the fundraising process through meetings, newsletters, and open communication, as well as the opportunity to volunteer where possible.

Local Businesses

Local businesses can be valuable partners for your fundraising efforts and can assist through a wide variety of methods, including sponsorships, donations, or collaboration on fundraising events. To entice partners, be sure your proposition highlights the benefits of supporting the local community and how it can positively impact their brand.

The Surrounding Community

The broader community can also be a source of support. Host community events or initiatives to involve local residents who may not have children attending your school but are still happy to participate and support externally.

Fundraising Strategies

With your objectives and audience in mind, it’s time to determine what strategy works best for your needs. There are multiple different ways of fundraising, each of which has its own distinct pros and cons. From product sales like cookie dough and spices to dedicated events like car washes, casino nights, and auctions, and even online crowdfunding, knowing which avenue best suits your needs and capabilities is essential for success. Consider combining multiple approaches to diversify your reach, and be prepared to continue to innovate and refine in the future.

Planning and Organization

Finally, you’ll need to ensure you have detailed plans for your fundraiser, and any and all related events, and focus on key aspects like task assignment, timelines, and progress tracking. You’ll also want to ensure that you are equipped to provide funds transparency and properly distribute resources once your fundraiser is complete.

Make Your Next Fundraiser a Success with Mom’s Pantry

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